Black Canyon Coffee in 2003: Planning for a Second Decade of Growth

Black Canyon Coffee operates the leading coffeeshop chain in Thailand, leading Starbucks and other competitors by a significant margin.  At the time of the firm's tenth anniversary, Managing Director Pravit Pong must address the threat of domestic and foreign competition, as well as challenges of international expansion and diversification.  the case is based on interviews done by Prof. Boyd with MD Pong in spring of 2003.

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John Deere Deere and Company: Running in the New Millennium

Deere & Company finds itself at a crossroads in 2001 -- while the company has successfully grown into new markets and regions, stock performance has been weak. Bob Lane, a Deere insider, has recently been appointed as the company's new CEO.  In February 2001, Lane presided over his first shareholder meeting in this new role.  This case focuses on the CEO's announcement of a new strategic focus at this meeting. 

Prof. Boyd met with CEO Lane a month after the investor meeting.  The case includes roughly 40 minutes of original digital video with Lane explaining different aspects of the new strategy.  Analyst reports and other resources are also included.

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Nucor Corporation Nucor Corp. and the US Steel Industry 

Nucor Corporation is one of the largest and most successful steel producers in North America. Nucor competes on a basis of a low-cost strategy. This case focuses on strategy execution at Nucor in 1997.

This Nucor case was published in the strategy text by Mike Hitt and colleagues. 

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What are vignettes?  These are short items, intended to serve as starting points for group discussions.  They address different aspects of strategy.

Item Keywords Description
US Steel Industry analysis Examines factors underlying US Steel's decline as the dominant steel producer in the United States.
Copy exactly Manufacturing Process consistency at Intel.
Flying high at Allegis Diversification UAL Corp's brief foray into becoming a one-stop travel company.
Lean or mean production Manufacturing, ethics While lean production is touted as an essential component of manufacturing systems, some critics argue that the benefits come at the expense of production workers.
Mickey goes global Diversification, international Disney's efforts at international expansion.
Tobacco industry Industry analysis Changes in industry structure and competitive tactics as price competition emerges in the cigarette market.
Boards, fraud, and energy (again) Governance, ethics High flying energy firm, blue ribbon board of directors, creative accounting, and a sudden collapse.  No, it's not Enron, but Bonneville Pacific.


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