6.06.11  My article with Marta Geletkanycz from the April Academy of Management Journal is highlighted on the website chiefexecutive.net

6.05.11  Next week, I will be giving a plenary talk at the Lyon/ISEOR Research Methods conference, co-sponsored by the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management.  The title of the talk is "The contribution of research methods to management theory", and you can click here for a copy of the powerpoint file.  The presentation draws on a number of my articles, quick links are here:

 Boyd, Finkelstein & Gove (2005) SMJ

 Boyd, Gove & Hitt (2005a) SMJ

Boyd, Gove & Hitt (2005b) SMJ

Boyd, Bergh & Ketchen (2010) JOM

Boyd, Haynes, Hitt, Bergh & Ketchen (2012) JOM

Gonzalez-Benito, Aguinis, Boyd & Suarez-Gonzalez (2011) JOM

5.23.11  Marta Geletkanycz and I are the subject of an article in today's Wall Street JournalClick here for a page image of the article.

5.20.11  Recognition from a number of places this week:

Steve Gove, Mike Hitt, and I received the 2011 Sage Publications/Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology award for our two papers on construct measurement which appeared in Strategic Management Journal in 2005.  Click here and here for the article reprints.

Separately, I have been elected as the incoming Program Chair for the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management.  The RMD website is here.

5.19.11  How can strategic management researchers design better studies?  That question is the focus of our article "Contingency hypotheses in strategic management: Use, disuse, or misuse?", recently accepted for publication in the 2012 Journal of Management annual review issue.  We conducted a content analysis of all empirical articles published in SMJ over a thirty year window to assess how researchers have applied contingency thinking to hypothesis development.  Coauthors are Kati Haynes, Mike Hitt, Don Bergh, and Dave Ketchen.  Click here for a pre-print copy of the article.

5.16.11 My coauthor Marta Geletkanycz and I are interviewed in the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, regarding our recent study on the performance implications of CEO outside directorships.  Click here for a page image of the article.  Previously, I've been interviewed in a number of media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune and Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal, as well as the more widely read Southwest Airlines inflight managazine Spirit.

5.15.11  I'm in the wikipedia!  I'm acknowledged as one of the advisors in the creation of the BoardEx corporate governance database, along with David Norburn and Don Hambrick:


5.10.11  I will be participating in the Writing Workshop for the Strategy & Governance Interest Group at the Strategic Management Society conference in Miami this November.  I've done these at the prior conferences in Rome (2010) and D.C. (2009), and they are a good opportunity for doctoral students and junior faculty to get some advice on managing the review process.  More details will be forthcoming from the IG.  Also, as noted below, I am doing a related panel on publishing methods articles at the Academy of Management meeting in San Antonio this August.

4.22.11 I just finished my webcast for the CARMA Center on 'Tools for testing contingency models.'  Click here for a copy of the powerpoint file.  For anyone interested in follow-up, I will be on a number of panels at the Academy meeting in San Antonio.  Also, we're doing a symposium on contingency modeling at the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference in Miami in November -- more details to follow.  I mentioned a number of my articles as examples, here are the citations:

subgroup moderation of CEO duality and performance:

Boyd, B.K. (1995). CEO duality and firm performance: A contingency model. Strategic Management Journal, 16: 301-312.

using LISREL multisample procedure:

Geletkanycz, M.A., & Boyd, B.K. (forthcoming). CEO outside directorships and firm performance: A reconciliation of competing perspectives.  Academy of Management Journal, in press.

testing for alternate causal configurations in mediation:

Gonzalez-Benito, J., Aguinis, H.A., Boyd, B.K., & Suarez- Gonzalez, I. (forthcoming).  Coming to consensus on strategic consensus: A mediated moderation model of consensus and performance. Journal of Management, in press

3.30.11 Here is my line-up for the Academy of Management meeting in San Antonio this August:

Ask the Experts: Macro and Cross-Level Methodologies (Presenter)

Saturday, August 13, 2011
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Advancing research with Latent Class Analysis, Dominance Analysis, and by Incorporating Outliers (Session Chair)

Monday, August 15, 2011
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

 How to Write and Publish Research Methods Articles (Panelist)

Monday, August 15, 2011
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

 Strategic Management and the RMD Measure Chest Wiki (Caucus Chair)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
9:45 AM - 11:15 AM

3.15.11  I am guest editing a special issue at Organizational Research Methods on construct measurement in strategic management.  Manuscripts are due between November 1 and December 1, 2011.  Don Bergh, Duane Ireland, and Dave Ketchen co-editors.  Click here for the call for papers.

2.28.11  I've been asked to write the entry on 'Interlocking directorates' for the forthcoming Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, edited by David Teece and Mie Augier. 

2.02.11  The Journal of Management upcoming Special Issue (March 2011) entitled "Walking New Avenues in Management Research Methods and Theories: Bridging Micro and Macro Domains" with guest editors Herman Aguinis, Brian Boyd, Charles Pierce, and Jeremy Short is now available online.  Contents of the special issue:

Walking New Avenues in Management Research Methods and Theories: Bridging Micro and Macro Domains
Herman Aguinis, Brian K. Boyd, Charles A. Pierce, and Jeremy C. Short

Integration of Micro and Macro Studies in Governance Research: CEO Duality, Board Composition, and Financial Performance
Dan R. Dalton and Catherine M. Dalton

Multilevel Entrepreneurship Research: Opportunities for Studying Entrepreneurial Decision Making
Dean A. Shepherd

Bridging Micro and Macro Domains: Workforce Differentiation and Strategic Human Resource Management
Mark A. Huselid and Brian E. Becker

Reinforcing the Micro/Macro Bridge: Organizational Thinking and Pluralistic Vehicles
Denise M. Rousseau

Network Theory of Organization: A Multilevel Approach
Thomas P. Moliterno and Douglas M. Mahony

Beyond Collective Entities: Multilevel Research on Organizational Routines and Capabilities
Carlo Salvato and Claus Rerup

Multilevel Challenges and Opportunities in Social Capital Research
G. Tyge Payne, Curt B. Moore, Stanley E. Griffis, and Chad W. Autry

Bridging Domains in Workplace Demography Research: A Review and Reconceptualization
Aparna Joshi, Hui Liao, and Hyuntak Roh

Decisions, Decisions! How Judgment Policy Studies Can Integrate Macro and Micro Domains in Management Research
Richard L. Priem, Bruce A. Walters, and Sali Li

The Myth of "the" Micro-Macro Divide: Bridging System-Level and Disciplinary Divides
Janice C. Molloy, Robert E. Ployhart, and Patrick M. Wright

The Etiology of the Multilevel Paradigm in Management Research
John E. Mathieu and Gilad Chen

1.01.11  I am guest editing a special issue at Corporate Governance: An International Review on executive compensation.  Click here for the journal's website, and click here for a .pdf copy of the call for papers.  Proposals are due by June 1, 2011. 

12.22.10  I've been reappointed for a third term on the Editorial Board of Management & Organization ReviewClick here for the journal's home page.

12.01.10  I am giving two seminars at Bocconi University in Milan.  Powerpoint files are available below:

10.31.10  Lots of presentations on the schedule for 2011:

9.15.10  How important is it that top managers concur on the strategic priorities of their firms?  A new article forthcoming in Journal of Management by Javier Gonzalez-Benito (University de Salamanca – Spain), Herman Aguinis (Indiana University), Brian Boyd, and Isabel Suarez- Gonzalez (University de Salamanca – Spain) titled ‘Coming to consensus on strategic consensus’ explores this issue.  The article, based on data from European manufacturing firms, found that two types of consensus were associated with higher performance: Agreement on competitive methods (e.g., strategies), and agreement on competitive outcomes (e.g., goals).  Additionally, firms needed to agree on strategies first, and focus on outcomes second in order to maximize performance.  Finally, in highly turbulent environments, firms that took the time to reach consensus performed more poorly.  Click here for a pre-print copy of the paper.

8.18.10  The editorial team at Journal of Management is awesome!  I've got a special issue coming out on the micro -- macro divide, with Herman Aguinis, Chuck Pierce, and Jeremy Short as Co-Editors.  JOM bundled the entire special together in .pdf format, and distributed free copies on a thumb drive at the Academy of Management meeting.  Sage is working on making the table of contents available online, with live links to each of the articles.

8.15.10  My presentation schedule for the Strategic Management Society meeting in Rome:

6.12.10  The Oxford Business Group Handbook is now available for purchase.  Bob Hoskisson and I have a chapter on governance issues as they relate to groups.  You can order a copy of the book here:


6.8.10  Here is my presentation schedule for the Academy of Management meeting in Montreal:

 4.17.10  I've got a panel discussion on the program at the SMS meeting in Rome on the intersection of research methods and publishing.  Topics will include structural modeling, construct measurement, interaction, limited dependent variables, and longitudinal designs.  With a mix of micro and macro experts, and all three editors to date of Organizational Research Methods, it should be an excellent session.  Click here for more details on panelists and presentation topics.

4.14.10  Our paper “Antecedents of interlocking directorships within business groups” (with Fabio Zona & Kati Haynes) nominated for Best Conference Paper Award, 2010 Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference, Rome, Italy.  This is my sixth best paper nomination for the SMS conference.  Kati is an alum of both the W. P. Carey MBA and our doctoral program.

4.7.10 The paper 'Dimensions of CEO -- board relations is forthcoming in Journal of Management Studies.  My coauthors are Kati Haynes (Mays B-School at Texas A&M), and Fabio Zona (Bocconi University in Milan).  Click here for a pre-print copy of the manuscript.

3.14.10  Manatees!  I am a diver, and have been able to swim with a lot of cool sea life -- including whales, mantas, and whalesharks.  Finally made it to Crystal River to swim with manatees.  More photos in the Gallery section.

2.19.10  I've just been appointed as incoming Associate Editor for Organizational Research MethodsORM has a great trajectory: Only twelve years old, and ranked as the #6 (of 85) management journal, according to the 2008 Journal Citation Reports.  Click here for the ORM website.

2.15.15 I am now on the Advisory Board for the Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis. Click here for the CARMA website.

2.10.10  Should CEOs serve on the boards of other firms?  Groups such as the Business Roundtable and National Association of Corporate Directors have recommended against this practice, and many large, public firms impose formal restrictions on outside board seats.  In a forthcoming Academy of Management Journal article with Marta Geletkanycz (Boston College), we found no overall negative effects when CEOs take on additional directorships.  More importantly, we report that CEO ties are associated with superior firm performance in certain market structures and specific diversification strategies.  The paper is titled 'CEO outside directorships and firm performance: A reconciliation of agency and embeddedness views.'  Click here for a pre-print copy.

10.12.09  I received my second 'Outstanding Editorial Board Member' award from Strategic Management Journal.

10.08.09  Don Bergh, Dave Ketchen, Julie Bergh and I have an article forthcoming in Journal of Management titled 'New frontiers of the reputation -- performance relationship'.  Click here for a copy of the manuscript.

8.14.09  The reviewing workshop materials had a series of bad links, and are fixed now.  The files track a manuscript through its development, including first round draft, reviewer comments, reply to reviewers, and second round revision.  Click here for an index.  You will need to contact me for a password to open some of these files.

8.01.09  As part of my role on the SMS Teaching Taskforce, I will be chairing a session at the DC conference titled 'Ethics in the Strategy Classroom: A Multi-Cultural Perspective'.  We should have a lively discussion, with the following global panelists:

Asli Colpan, Kyoto University

Rachel Davis, National University of Singapore

Timothy Devinney, University of Technology, Sydney

Boris Durisin, Bocconi University

James Robins, Singapore Management University

Christoph Lechner, University of St. Gallen

7.05.09  Bob Hoskisson and I just finished a book chapter titled 'Corporate governance of business groups'.  The chapter contains a review and roadmap for future studies on the role of boards of directors for groups.  It will be published in the Oxford handbook of business groups, edited by  Colpan, Hikino, and Lincoln.  Click here for a copy of the chapter.  Click here to order a copy of the book from Oxford University Press.

7.04.09 A first -- I had photos on the front pages of rockclimbing.com and mountainproject.com on the same day.  Click here for a screenshot of the climbing photo, and click here for the landscape shot.

6.25.09  I recently completed a book review for Organizational Research Methods of:

Tharenou, P., Donohue, R., & Cooper, B. (2007). Management Research Methods. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Click here for a copy of the review.

6.09.09  Anouncement: Writing workshop for doctoral students and junior faculty at SMS Conference in Washington, DC.

This year we invite new faculty and doctoral students with complete manuscripts to submit them to the Corporate Strategy and Governance (CSG) Interest Group Preconference Workshop on Developing Manuscripts for Journal Publication.

In this workshop several members of the editorial boards of AMJ, AMR, SMJ and OS, will review manuscripts submitted by doctoral candidates or junior faculty and provide informal feedback on how to improve the manuscript for submission to the top tier journals in our field.  The feedback will be done in person during the workshop in a round-table format in which each reviewer will meet with all the authors assigned to them and discuss how each manuscript could be improved.

Panel Participants:  Brian Boyd, Mason Carpenter, Robert Hoskisson, William Q. Judge, Gerry McNamara, Gerry Sanders, Margarethe Wiersema, and Robert M. Wiseman (session chair).

Requirements for participation:  First, you must be registered for the SMS conference. Second, only complete manuscripts which are NOT co-authored by senior faculty (faculty with tenure) will be accepted.  Third, manuscripts related to corporate strategy or corporate governance will be given preference over manuscripts dealing with other areas.  Since space is limited, submissions will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.  Finally, you must attend the workshop to receive feedback on your submission.

Time and date of the Workshop:  The workshop will be from 10:00 to 11:30 on Sunday, October 11, 2009.  Location: TBA

Style Guidelines:  Be sure the names of all authors, their affiliations and contact information are on the title page.  While we have no strict style guidelines, we encourage you to use the style guide lines outlined for submission of manuscripts to the Strategic Management Journal.

Submission of your manuscripts:  An electronic submission procedure will be set up through the SMS website.  When that service becomes available, information for how and where to submit your manuscripts will be posted through this service.  If you have questions, please contact, Robert M. Wiseman (wiseman@bus.msu.edu) associate program chair for the Corporate Strategy and Corporate Governance IG.

Deadline for Submissions:  The deadline for submitting a manuscript will be August 14, 2009.

Click here for the SMS website.

6.01.09  Don Bergh, Dave Ketchen, and I have a paper in press at Journal of Management titled 'Reconsidering the reputation -- performance relationship: A resource-based view'.  The paper looks at the role of reputation in competition between business schools.  Click here for a copy of the paper. 

5.13.09  My daughter was one of the winners of a National Federation of Independent Business college scholarship for student entrepreneurs.  The website for her business is www.emmasews.com.

4.29.09  I will be speaking at a symposium on "Competitive Dynamics of Business Groups in the Uncertain World of Emerging Markets" at the Strategic Management Society annual conference in Washington, D.C., later this fall.  The panel is organized by Asli Colpan, Takashi Hikino, and James Lincoln.  Other panelists include Mason Carpenter, Andrew Delios, Robert Hoskisson, Mauro Guillen, and Tarun Khanna. 

3.17.09  The Corporate Governance: An International Review special issue titled 'Review of governance' will be forthcoming shortly.  Click here to read the guest editor introduction, by Igor Filatotchev and myself.  The Special Issue consists of eight articles on a diverse set of governance topics:

“Mapping the intellectual structure of corporate governance from 1993 to 2007: A bibliometric study”, by Durisin and Puzone.

 “Boards of directors: Contributions to strategy”, by Pugliese, Besemer, Zattoni, Huse, Van den Bosch & Volberda. 

 “Toward a behavioural theory of boards and governance”, by Gabrielsson, Van Ees, and Huse.

 “Women directors on corporate boards” by Terjesen, Sealy, and Singh.

 “The effect of cross-listing on corporate governance: A review of the international evidence” by Ferris, Kim, and Noronha.

 “Private equity and corporate governance: Retrospect and prospect” by Wright, Amess, Weir and Gima.

 “Codes of good governance”, by Cuervo-Cazurra and Aguilera.

 “Convergence of corporate governance: Critical review and future directions”, by Yoshikawa and Rasheed.

3.01.09  My daughter's sewing business is a semifinalist for a national young entrepreneur award!  She makes sewn goods for rock climbers, along with a few other items.  The website for her business is www.emmasews.com.

1.01.09  We received over 50 proposal submissions for the Journal of Management Special Issue on bridging micro and macro domains.  In keeping with the theme of the issue, each proposal was reviewed by each of the two macro and two micro editors. 

11.17.08 Bad links for Nucor case and teaching note have been repaired. 
                Case link here
                Teaching note link here

10.12.08  I received an 'Outstanding Editorial Board Member' award from Strategic Management Journal.

10.07.08  Handouts for my session on experiential learning at the Strategic Management Society conference in Cologne:
                Document 1
                Document 2

Both files are password protected.  If you were not at the session and would like to access these files, please contact me for instructions.

8.01.08 I will be speaking at a preconference panel on international governance at the Strategic Management Society conference in Cologne.  Panelists include Rudi Bresser, myself, Bob Hoskisson and Igor Filatotchev.

7.19.08  I am co-editing a Special Issue at Journal of Management titled 'Walking New Avenues in Management Research Methods and Theories: Bridging Micro and Macro Domains.  Guest Editors are Herman Aguinis, myself, Chuck Pierce, and Jeremy Short.  Paper proposals are due December 31, 2008.  Click here for call for papers.

6.01.08  I am on the Teaching Initiative Taskforce for the Strategic Management Society, and will be running a pre-conference workshop on experiential education and strategy at the October 2008 meeting in Cologne.  Click here for more on the taskforce.

4.15.08  The paper 'Research methodology in strategic management: Past accomplishments and future challenges' is now in press at Organizational Research Methods.  Dave Ketchen and Don Bergh are coauthors.  Click here for a copy of the paper.

3.01.08  I have patched some of the holes in the files.  Many gaps remain, however.

12.1.07  My web hosting has changed, and the results have more or less been catastrophic: A number of files were damaged in the transition, including some of the backups.  I have spliced together some older files, but there are gaps and holes in various places.  If you're looking for a resource that is showing up as a dead link or damaged file, please let me know at briankboyd "at" asu.edu. 

10.15.07  Igor Filatotchev and I are co-editing a Special Issue of Corporate Governance: An International Review titled "Review of Governance'.  We are seeking review papers versus original studies.  Three page proposals are due by February 28, 2008.  Click here for the call for papers. 

9.1.07  Reappointed for my second terms at Management & Organization Review and Organizational Research Methods.  Also reappointed to the Strategic Management Journal board; 2007 is my 12th year of service at SMJ.

8.9.07  More whalesharks!  Click here for photos.

6.1.07  Bill Judge is taking over as the new Editor at Corporate Governance: An International Review.  I will be one of the Associate Editors for CGIR Click here for the journal's home page.

6.16.06  Materials from the IACMR presentation in Nanjing on 'Strategic planning among Chinese firms are now available for download.  Click here for a copy of the powerpoint slides, and click here for a copy of the draft manuscript.

1.08.06  Steve Gove and I have a chapter in the forthcoming third volume of Research Methodology in Strategy and Management.  The paper is titled "Managerial constraint", and it a methodological take on the intersection of organizational task environment and managerial discretion.  Click here to download.

11.18.05  Click here for slides for the CARMA webcast presentation on construct measurement in strategic management research.

11.08.05 I've recently been appointed to the Editorial Board of Organizational Research MethodsORM is published by Sage, and sponsored by the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management.  Click here for the journal home page.  Other current Editorial Boards include Management & Organization Review, and Strategic Management Journal.  Previously, I've served multiple terms on the boards of Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Management Studies.

9.30.05 I will be doing a webcast in mid-November for the Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis. The topic will be construct measurement in strategic management research.  CARMA is hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

9.15.05 The International Management Division organized a panel titled 'Global Governance' for Academy of Management August meeting in Honolulu.  Video of the presentations -- mine included -- is available from the links below:







There is a chance that the url for the videos may change, please visit the Division website for updates.

7.15.05  Along with Dave Ketchen and Don Bergh, I will be guest editing a special issue of Organizational Research Methods on 'Research methods in strategic management'.  Click here to download the call for papers.

7.01.05  Copies of presentations from the Academy of Management annual meeting are available for download:

Symposium on strategic planning in Chinese firms

Symposium on storytelling

Professional development workshop on international governance

1.01.05 The paper "How advanced is the strategy paradigm?" is in press at Strategic Management Journal, with Syd Finkelstein and Steve Gove as coauthors.  Click on the titles to download a .pdf copy of the paper.

10.02.04 In the next month, I'll be appearing in the reality show "Whose Time Zone Is It, Anyway?"  with presentations in Hong Kong, College Station, San Juan, and Milan.  Links to presentations files:

Seminar at Bocconi University

Seminar at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Seminar at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Seminar at Texas A&M

7.23.04  I use a lot of experiential tools in my strategy and exec ed seminars. The paper "Experiencing strategy", with Steve Gove and Mark Clark, has instructions and debriefing tips for a number of strategy-related exercises.  The article is forthcoming in Journal of the Academy of Business EducationClick here to download a pre-print copy.

7.14.04  Two new articles are in press at Strategic Management Journal, with Steve Gove and Mike Hitt as coauthors.  You can download .doc file version of each by clicking on the titles below:

Construct measurement in strategic management research: Reality or illusion?

Consequences of measurement problems in strategic management research: The case of Amihud and Lev.

7.03.04  whale-shark-ing (v).  A recreational activity involving mask and fins, a fast boat, an airplane, and the largest fish in the sea.  Check out the photo gallery for a glimpse of this elusive creature.

6.10.04 'Reviewing and writing for publication ' workshop materials are available, based on the manuscript 'Socrates, strategy, and structural modeling'.  Click here to access the page.  Please note that all files, except for the initial draft, are password protected.

6.01.04 The strategy research methods book chapter has been downloaded over 700 times since it was posted last fall -- must be many people with insomnia :)  Click here for page proof version of the chapter.

5.30.04  I am visiting at the University of Western Australia for June and July.  In the fall, I will be giving up administration and going back to full-time faculty status.

12.2.03  Photo gallery and book reviews updated.

10.28.03  One of my photos made it to the front page of the www.rockclimbing.com community.  Click here for a screenshot, or here for a collection of my photos on rc.com.

10.22.03  Dave Ketchen and Don Bergh are editing a new book series titled Research Methodology in Strategy and Management.  Click here for a copy of the lead chapter of the initial volume -- written by Mike Hitt, Dan Li, and myself. 

9.01.03  A new strategy case is available.  Click here to download (.pdf format) Black Canyon Coffee in 2003.  Black Canyon is currently the market leader in Thailand's coffee shop industry.  Case themes include entrepreneurship, strategy, and international management.  Click here for the company's web page.

8.01.03  After returning from sabbatical, I've been given a new role at the W. P. Carey School: Executive Director of the Corporate MBA Program.  The Corporate platform is an executive-level experience for teams of company sponsored managers.  Delivery is a blend of face-to-face (20%) and electronic (80%) learning.  Even though the program is new, over twenty countries and numerous companies have been represented.  John Deere, Lucent, United Technologies, Chevron-Texaco, and Intel are a subset of participating firms to date.  Click here for the program's web page.

4.03.03  IAMCR - the International Association for Chinese Management research -- is launching a new journal!  Titled Management and Organization Review, it promises not to ask the questions "Why China?" or "Why a Chinese sample?"  Information for authors can be found here.  I'm excited to be on the Editorial Board.

3.08.03  A number of new additions to the  Book Review section.   Photo gallery has grown dramatically.

2.28.03 The ASU College of Business is now officially the W. P. Carey School of Business, after receiving the second largest gift ever made to a US business school, and the largest grant in the history of Arizona State University.  Click here for the press release.

1.12.03  Interviewed by the Chicago Tribune on CEO duality in the article "Still a split decision on separating top jobs: Chairman-CEO debate not new".  Full text available from the Trib website.

12.01.02 We test drive the new iPod for Windows!  Review available in Tech Toys

9.21.02  Slides from seminar on strategic governance at HKUST uploaded to 'Resources' -- .pdf format and unprotected.  'Resources' section has been reorganized for better access.

9.08.02  Reformatted the Book Review section so that it is easier to read. Some additions to the capsule reviews as well.

7.20.02  Slides for University of Queensland Strategic Management MBA seminar have been uploaded to 'Resources' section.  They have been converted to .pdf format and are password-protected.

6.25.02  Notes from the research seminar 'Socrates, strategy, and structural modeling' presented at the Sydney University of Science and Technology have been uploaded to the 'Resources' page.  This seminar will also be presented at the University of Queensland on 2 August, 2002.

6.15.02   I will be on sabbatical for the coming academic year.  June and July '02 will be spent at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.  August '02 to August '03 will be spent at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

5.28.02  Photo gallery added.  Largely empty now, but I have promised to post slideshows from Brisbane and Hong Kong.

5.15.02  The Deere case has been revised, with multimedia files switched over from Quicktime to RealPlayer.

3.15.02 Article published in Syllabus Magazine about adoption of the Compaq iPAQ for incoming ASU Tech MBA students.