Resources on the iPAQ initiative

ASU COB summary description.  Brief description of the device and intended applications

Syllabus Magazine article.  March 2002 issue

ASU joint press release with Compaq.  December 2001

Converge Magazine article.  Appeared in their online version Spring 2002.   But, according to one of the editors, they are "having problems" with their web page, and the article doesn't display, even when using their search function.  The joys of technology...

Other media mentions -- no web links

Computer Power User.  April 2002 issue, page 7.

Fox 10 News, Phoenix affiliate.  TV news segment on ASU wireless initiative, including iPAQs and 80211b wireless LAN.  July 2001.

Resources for online courses

Advanced Integrated Project.  This course is the capstone of the ASU MBA High Technology Program.  Students work in self-managed teams for a complete academic year, and develop business plans centered around new technologies developed by ASU faculty.  All of the coursework -- including progress reports, faculty and peer review -- is done online.  Final business plans are presented in a live session judged by ASU faculty, venture capitalists, alumni, and leaders from the local business community.

Click here for a condensed version of the student course guide.  The guide is distributed on CD, and larger files have been deleted from this online listing -- this will appear as broken links. [Will open in a new browser window]

Click here for  a summary description of the course, including student comments.

Click here for the syllabus.

Other Resources

Keynote talk on e-learning.  New Zealand Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, 2001.  Note: Originally distributed on CD; multimedia and large file attachments have been stripped and will appear as broken links.