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Monkey Mia



Winter Storm at the Pinnacles, Western Australia


Hawaii Underwater


Maldives Islands

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Mahout school in Chiang Mai


Making Merit in Luang Prabang

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Li River

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Thailand Mangrove Swamp Kayaking



Ankor Wat

Lantau Island

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Yangshou Climbing

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Kowloon Bird Market



Sai Kung Fish Market

Swimming With Minke Whales

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Heron Island at Sunset

Ariel View of Heron Island

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Celebrity stalking!  Emily spent much of the Winter of 2002 pursuing those elusive and rare Australian mammals -- Steve and Terri Irwin.  Crikey!  What's it like to have your parents as Crocodile Hunters?  Among other things, it's an excuse for the Australia Zoo to have a huge party.   Click here to see Bindi Sue's birthday cake.
Who's Wally?  A wombat, of course.

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The reason why ATMs weren't invented in Micronesia.  Click here for the story of stone money.

Where is this?  Click here.

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Byron Bay whale watching 2002

More koala photos 2002

ASU MBA 2002 Graduation

My koi pond

ASU Outdoor Adventure 2000