Strategic Management Journal (1998)

Author: Boyd, B.K., & Reuning-Elliott, E.

Date: 1998

Title: A measurement model of strategic planning

Abstract: While strategic planning is a key concept in management research, there has been little consistency in its conceptualization or measurement.  Our review of prior studies also identifies reliability and validity, dimensionality, crude levels of measurement, and lack of parsimony as additional problems associated with prior use of this variable.  Such problems substantially limit our ability to compare results across studies, or make appropriate normative recommendations.  We address these concerns by developing and validating a multiple indicator measure of strategic planning, using two independent samples.  Implications for future research are then discussed.


strategic planning

planning process


health care

Resources: Planning_survey.pdf  Contains survey measures used to construct the 7-indicator factor model.  Also contains the Shortell & Zajac(1990) strategic orientation measure, which subsumes the Miles and Snow strategy categories.
LISREL output.  Contains results of model including 7-indicator factor model, and criterion validity test.
.Article reprint.  Provided by Wiley Interscience