Reviewing Project: "Socrates, strategy & structural modeling"


The purpose of this workshop is to provide an inside view of the publishing process for researchers in management and strategy.  We will follow an article through initial submission to final acceptance.  By doing this, we hope to (a) provide insights in writing a quality review, and (b) assist authors with managing the review process.

All files are in .doc format.  Except for the first draft, all files are password protected.

Step 1: Read the first draft manuscript and prepare your own set of comments.  Based on your review, should the article be accepted as is, rejected, or revised?

Step 2: Compare your comments against the report of two reviewers.

Step 3: Plan a reply to reviewer comments.

Step 4: Review the author reply to reviewer comments.

Step 5: Read the second draft manuscript.  Based on the revised draft and reviewer reply, should the paper be accepted, rejected, or are additional revisions warranted?